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ChroMUD Client Features

One click logging: Just click the "Start Logging" button to begin capturing all of the output from your MUD. When you're ready, click "Stop Logging" to receive a link to your HTML-based log!

Click to scroll back: Click inside the main output area to freeze the scroller to scroll back to something you might have missed. Move your mouse outside the main output area to resume scrolling.

Aliases: Click "Settings" to set/remove aliases. For example you can set an alias for, "g" to send, "say Greetings!" to the MUD. Now, everytime you type, "g" in the game, you'll offer a greeting to the room!

Variables: Click "Variables" to set variables that you can use in aliases and bindings.

Key Bindings: Create CTRL+[key] bindings to send a command! Check the settings menu to define your bindings.

Triggers: (Experimental) Trigger on certain text sent by your game. ChroMUD can highlight the matched text, echo something locally to draw your eye, or send a command automatically (but be careful with that last one).

System Import/Export: You can copy your system to save it for later use and import your existing system using the Import/Export button at the top right of the Settings window.

System Storage: Save your system (requires free registration and sign in) to take it wherever you go.

More to come!


Current System Variables:

New Variable:

Use your variables in aliases and macros by entering @variable_name where you would like it to be inserted.

You can also set variables from the command line! For example:

@set @tar John

This will set the variable "tar" to the value "John". You can then use the variable as normal in an alias or binding.